Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Return of My Mother

I watched The Simpsons and for this time, I imagine that I’m Homer. I made a scenario that didn't work. I dropped a model of myself on the top of a waterfall and the people who work with me saw the accident and believed that I was dead. So for some complications, I found my mother. She left me when I was young. My mother come to Springfield because she thought that I was in the cemetery. She came home and she met my family. She explained the reason for her escape and said that she loved me forever. My mother couldn’t stay and she had to leave me again.

I was really thoughtless and stupid when I planed my false death. My father told me that my mother was dead. So, when I found my mother, I was very surprised. I was so happy to see her again. She told me her history and I felt sad. When she had to leave, I was sad again but a little happy because this time I could said good bye to her.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm a character

I imagine that I’m a character of this Tvshow so I’m Raymond.

The main action of this program was the battle between my brother Robert and me. We were in a quarrel about our mother. We thought that our father would die before our mother. We were obstinate to know who would keep our mother after the death of our father. My mother was a manipulative woman so we would not want her at home in the future. We wanted to play a game of golf to determine who would keep her. After a long quarrel, we changed our minds. We thought about the death of our mother and we continued to fight. I said that our mother preferred me over Robert. Robert said that he loved our mother more than me. I wanted my mother to live with me at my house and Robert too. We finished fighting with a game of golf and I won, so in the future, she will live with me.

For the first time, I felt selfish because I didn’t want my mother. I also felt mocking as if I was her. I laughed at Robert because it will be tough to live with her. After a moment, I felt bad because I believed that I was nasty with my mother and my brother. Finally, I felt gentle and I wanted to take care of my family.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Question # 1: What did Raymond do for his brother?

Answer: He made a surprise party for Robert’s birthday because his first party
was boring.

Question # 2: Was the surprise successful?

Answer: No, because a man was supposed to inform the gang when Robert was
coming, but he didn’t.

Question # 3: Was the party fun?

Answer: No, because there was no alcohol and no stripper so the men did not enjoy themselves.

Question # 4: What did Raymond and Robert decide to do to have fun?

Answer: They went to a stripper club with all the people.

Question # 5: What did Raymond, Robert and their father want after this party?

Answer: They wanted to have sex with their wives.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Everybody loves Raymond

Raymond was in coma. His family, without his mom, came to the hospital because they were afraid for him. A nurse worsened the situation. She said that Raymond was dead. But 30 seconds later, the doctor said that the light of the machine was defective and in reality, Raymond was alive and fine. After his coma, he returned home. He didn’t know what happened that day. His wife, Debra, took care of her husband. She was looking after Raymond attentively and he found it strange. At the same time, his father was acting strangely too in the bed with his wife. After the interrogation of his wife, he confessed what happened to her son. She became hysterical. While Raymond and Debra were carressing, his mom came straight in Raymond’s room and carressed her son. He didn’t understand and his parents explained what happened.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fear Factor

This is a TV game. People who participate in this show try to win a $50 000 prize. In this TV game, we can watch a man who, at each mission, explains the game and encourages the participants who make the mission. I'm not sure but I think they have 5 girls and 5 boys at the beginning. People who can't finish the mission or have a bad time to finish quit. At each mission, everybody has to pass the mission in the best time possible and the one with the longest has to quit. It contains 3 missions per show and in general the mission consists of physical endurance, a water game and a beetles game. In this TV game, the first mission consists of climbing a rope with a knot hooked to a helicopter. The other mission is very horrible. They have to eat 3 organs of a cow. This time the participants don't have to compete with the others, but just have 6 minutes to eat the 3 organs. If the person doesn't finish in time, he has to quit. After that is the final. Only 2 people finished eating, a girl and a man. But at the final it is a girl who wins.